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Islamic Tours- ‘The spirit of exploration’

Tailored Islamic Historical tour & Adventure trek specialists

Serving the Muslim and wider British community. Exclusive Tours & holidays individually created for your interests, enjoyment & comfort. Journey alongside like-minded travellers who want to explore the history and heritage of Islam.

Below just some of the tours we do, please call/ email us for individually tailored group tours for your friends, family or organisation.

TURKEY & SYRIA -14’Days – ’Ottoman Express’  £1195  FULLY ESCORTED -ALL INCLUSIVE

Join us on this wonderful twin country holiday, an unparalleled historical tour from the imperial capital of Ottoman Istanbul to Urfa & Harran south-eastern Turkey where Prophet Ibrahim and Lut (pbuh) lived . We travel across the border from Antakya (Antioch) and into Halab (Aleppo) in Syria (Al-Sham). Taking in a 3 day Tour of Damascus & Bosra where our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) stayed on his trade caravans to Syria.

Tour Highlights
Istanbul- Bosphorus Cruise - Rumeli Fortress
Urfa- Harran -Gaziantep – Antakya
Latakkia– Halab - Apamea– Ugarit
Tartus- Homs – Hamah– Palmyra
Damascus - Bosra- Yarmouk Battlefield

JORDAN & SYRIA-14’Days- ‘Al-Sham desert discovery’ £995 FULLY ESCORTED -ALL INCLUSIVE

From Amman we drive to the beautiful turquoise clear waters and corals of the Red Sea coastal city of Aqaba. Nearby is the breathtaking landscape of Wadi-Rum, we explore the desert sands & valleys in hired jeeps and travel by camels into ancient Nabatean Petra, a mesmerising man made wonder a city carved into the mountains.
Travelling to Damascus through the preserved Roman towns of Jerash and Bosra.

Tour Highlights
Amman– Petra– Wadi Rum– Aqaba
Kerak-Jerash– Bosra
Yarmouk & Ajnadayn battlefields
Damascus– Barada Valley– Mt.Kassioun
Homs- Hamah– Palmyra– Halab– Tartus


EGYPT, JORDAN & SYRIA-14’Days- £1295 ‘Footsteps of Prophet Musa (pbuh)’ - ALL INCLUSIVE

After a 3’day tour of Islamic Cairo and the Pyramids we follow in the footsteps of Prophet Musa (pbuh) and travel to the Sinai desert, climbing to the top of Mount Sinai (Jebel Musa). Visiting the Red Sea coast of Dahab and Nuweiba. From Aqaba in Jordan we explore Mt.Nebo where Prophet Musa (pbuh) was shown Palestine for his wondering flock. After a visit to the dead sea we travel north via Bosra to Damascus the oldest inhabited city on Earth.

Tour Highlights
Cairo-Al Azhaar– Giza Pyramids-Nile cruise
Sinai– Jebel Musa– Dahab– Nuweiba
Aqaba– Wadi Rum– Petra– Amman
Mt.Nebo– Kerak– Jerash– Bosra
Damascus-Homs– Hamah– Tartus– Halab

For more information please telephone:

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