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~ Istanbul to Cairo ~

~ All-inclusive 21 Nights/ 22 Day Tour

All visa costs, Return Flights, Connecting Flights, 21 Nights in 2/3* Star Hotels,
Airport Transfers, Luxury Coaches, and most importantly Group Tour Leaders
& local Tour guides within Turkey, Syria, Jordan & Egypt all included in the price.

Only £945 / *£895

18th June, 16th July & 13th August 2008

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(*Full time Students Only)

Istanbul to Cairo Guide


Istanbul to Cairo

Live History outside of the usual lectures and books. Walk in the footsteps of the Prophets. Take the expedition of a lifetime literally, with our unique Fully-Escorted Historical Tour of Turkey, Syria, Jordan and Egypt.

Islamic Tours are confident of the fact that no other Travel or Tour company can offer an ‘All-inclusive’ Programme with Return Flights, fully escorted Tour package at such a low and competitive price. We are offering the tour at cost-price, because we want the Muslim community to benefit from the knowledge they can acquire & disseminate from our Tour Programmes. Essentially we want Muslims who are passionate about their history & heritage to join us. We have limited places for each tour (maximum- 48 places).

Our Tour programme offers you the opportunity to visit the towns of ‘Urfa and Harran’ where Prophet Ibrahim (pbuh) was born & where he was commanded by Allah (Most Exalted) to travel south in his epic journey to the lands of Syria, Palestine, Egypt and Makkah. This pioneering tour will give you numerous adventures that you can InshaAllah narrate to your grandchildren someday, from praying in the Umayyad Masjid of Damascus to trekking up Mount. Sinai (Jebel Musa) a blessed Mountian mentioned in the Quran, where Prophet Musa (pbuh) received the ‘Torah’ from Allah. It is an unprecedented and unparalleled Tour not to be missed; it will give you a deep insight to the middle-east that is extensive and incomparable in scope.

Tour Itinerary
Day 1  

London to Istanbul (International flight)

Flight from London to Istanbul, arrive at hotel in Istanbul.
Afternoon guided tour of Suleymaniye, Blue & Hagia Sofia Masjids.

Day 2  

City tour of Istanbul

City tour of Topkapi Palace Complex, Grand Bazaar, Archaeological Museum, Dolmabahce Palace & Bosphorous Cruise.

Day 3  

Istanbul to Sanli'Urfa (domestic flight)

Leave Istanbul in the morning to Sanli'Urfa (Roman 'Edessa').
Check-in to the hotel and then visit:
Masjid Khalil Ar-Rahman/ Cave of Ibrahim (pbuh) & Sanli'Urfa Museum and Prophet Ayyub (pbuh) village and cave.

Day 4  

Harran visit

Morning visit to Harran; this is where Prophet Ibrahim and Prophet Lut (pbut) lived. Birth place of 'Ibn Taymiyyah. Traditional Urfa dinner near the masjid in the evening. Town of Sabians as mentioned in Quran.

Day 5  

Sanli'Urfa to Gaziantep (by coach)

Leave Sanli'Urfa in the morning to Gaziantep.
We cross the Euphrates river and check into the hotel.
Afternoon trip to Gaziantep Seljuk Fortress, Ravanda Citadel & The Achaeological Museum.

Day 6  

Gaziantep to Halab (Syria) (by coach)

Leave Gaziantep and cross into Syria to the town of Halab (Aleppo).
Check into the hotel straight away and then visit:
Traditional Syrian 18th century Ottoman town house.
We will also visit The Grand Ummayad Masjid for Maghrib and Isha prayers. Evening dinner on roof terrace.

Day 7  

City tour of Halap

Visit Aleppo Citadel complex built upon Roman Fortress by Emad ad-Din Zengi.
We will also visit:
Archaeological Museum, Al-Wazir Caravanserai, the 8 gates of Aleppo and look for traditional handicrafts in the Grand Souk. There is an optional trip to Ebla.

Day 8  

Halap to Hamah & Apamea (by coach)

Leave Halap and move onto Hamah (also Apamea).
After check into the hotel we will visit:.
An-Nuri Masjid, the Noria Wheels on the Orontes River, Sheizar Castle and the preserved Roman town of Apamea.

Day 9  

Hamah to Homs, Homs, Krak de Chevaliers and Tartus (by coach)

After Fajr prayer we leave Hamah and travel to the impregnable crusader fortress of Krak de Chevaliers captured finally in 1271 by Mameluk Sultan Baibars. We then move on to Tartus a mediterranean sea-side town. Next we move inland to Homs (Emessa), the burial place of Khalid ibn Walid.
We leave after Asr’ for Damascus (by coach), we arrive late evening and check into the hotel and have dinner.

10 & 11

City tour of Damascus (Dimashk)

The oldest inhabited city in the world, flourishing for more than 4,5oo years. Damascus has been a Greek, Roman, and Byzantine metropolis, the capital of the first Islamic Empire ruled by Muawiyah.
We visit the Umayyad Masjid for Fajr prayer and walk around this beautiful Masjid where Prophet Isa ibn Maryum /Jesus (pbuh) will descend before the end of time. In the afternoon we will tour of the Grand Souk of Hamidiye, Azem Palace, Tekkiye Mosque Complex and the park of Salahudin.

In our second day we will visit the citadel complex and the Armenian quarter. following this we will travel upto the mountains and beautiful Barada Valley surrounding Damascus. We will also visit mount Kassioun and the scenic spa villages of Zabadani and Bloudan 1400 metres in altitude. After the Maghrib prayer we will descend for our last dinner in Damascus.
Day 12  

Damascus to Bosra (by coach)

We will move onto Bosra, 67 miles south of Damascus (by coach).
This was once the capital of the Roman province of Arabia. Bosra was an important stopover on the ancient caravan route to Makkah. Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) stopped many times in this town on his trade caravan’s to Syria for his uncle.
The Christian monk Bahira first saw signs of Prophet Muhammed's coming in this town. We will visit the excellently preserved Roman amphitheatre and the Masjid of Umar ibn Khattab; it’s the only masjid surviving from the early Islamic period to preserve its original facades, all its columns still remain in place.
We will also see many bear inscriptions in Greek, Latin and Nabatean.
In the evening we will check into the hotel.

Day 13  

Bosra to Jerash, Kerak and Amman (Jordan) (by coach)

We cross the border to Jordan and change tour guides. Next we go onto the Roman city of Jerash. We then move onto Yarmouk plains (battlefield) and Abu Ubaidah Al-Jarrah Masjid. In the late afternoon we enter Amman and check into the hotel. You will have time to explore Amman.

Day 14  

City tour of Amman

Full day tour of Amman, including Roman Philadelphia and Mount Nebo.

Day 15  

Amman to Petra (by coach)

Morning departure to the awe-inspiring Nabatean desert city carved into the mountains, of Petra. We will stay overnight in Wadi Rum.

Day 16  

Wadi Rum to Aqaba (by coach)

We will take a camel trek upon the pink sands of this captivating landscape of Wadi Rum. We will have tea and traditional lunch with the Bedouins. In the afternoon we will go onto the Red-sea port of Aqaba. After checking into the hotel we will take a boat trip to see the citadel guarding the Gulf of Aqaba. After the Maghrib prayer we will leave the whole evening free for you to browse the town. We recommend a sea-food dinner in the harbour.

Day 17  

Aqaba to Nuweiba & Dahab (Egypt) (by coach)

After meeting with our Egyptian tour guide we will move onto Dahab. After checking into the hotel we will take a boat trip to see the coral reefs.

Day 18  

Dahab to Sinai (Jebel Musa) (by coach)

After Thuhr prayer we will move onto St. Catherine’s, check into our hotel and praying the Asr’ prayer at the Masjid at base of Jebel Musa. We will explore the monastery and surrounding valley where Prophet Musa (pbuh) received the Torah.

Day 19   Sinai to Cairo (by coach)

After Fajr prayer we hike upto Mount Sinai to witness the sunrise. After lunch we will proceed onto Cairo, arrive in the evening and checking into the hotel.
Day 20   City tour of Cairo

After breakfast we will take a whole day tour of Islamic Cairo visiting places such as:
Ibn Tulun Masjid, Mohamed Ali Masjid, the citadel of Salahudin, Khan El Khalili Bazaar and Al- Azhaar Masjid / University. After the Maghrib prayer we will visit the River Nile near Zamelek for coffee and dinner. We will listen to a lecture by a local tour guide.
Day 21   Touring Cairo

After breakfast, we will visit the Egyptian Museum and the Pyramids. You will then have the evening free for optional tours or Shopping
Day 22  

Cairo to London (International flight)

The Grand Tour ends after breakfast. Last minute shopping & transfer to airport for final departure flight to London.

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