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All Tour participants for the “Istanbul to Cairo” Tour ‘only’ will be screened to ascertain their suitability to travel before Islamic Tours can offer a confirmed place. We have limited places on our monthly Tour (48 places) and successful ‘Tour applicants’ are chosen based upon selection criteria. We do a risk assessment of every prospective traveller for security reasons, so that we are not delayed at International Airports/ Country Border crossings. We want to ensure that above anything, the group as a whole are comfortable and happy throughout the period of this 22’day journey. We look for Muslims who can travel as ‘Muslims’ and have values upon the ‘Sunnah’.

We want mature, responsible, ‘Politically non-affiliated’, trust-worthy Muslims who are able to follow the instructions of the ‘Group Tour Leader’ without any ‘political debates’. Specifically Muslims that can agree to the ‘Tour itenary time-table’ as we have over 40 towns & cities on our route. We have a policy of quality not quantity, and that is precisely why we limit places, as it ensures every traveller receives ‘dedicated’ care and gains the benefit of the expedition fully.

Istanbul to Cairo

Eligibility to travel (Valid passport, minimum age 18)

  1. Due to the ‘active nature’ of some of our excursions and activities i.e. Horse/camel riding, Mountain trekking we can not take anyone with poor health and endanger their lives in our ‘active programme’.

  2. Families and couples with children (minimum age.12) can make bookings for ‘Istanbul to Cairo’, (Our Hotels/ Airline Carriers / A/C Coach’s are comfortable and are of the highest quality, but unfortunately we can not provide Nursery/Crèche facilities on any leg of our ‘Istanbul to Cairo’ Tour.

  3. Individuals very keen to join us on this particular tour, but can not make the time commitment can join us with a ‘3’day mini-tour’ option when we are in the cities of Istanbul, Damascus, Amman or Cairo.

  4. The Tour leader for ‘Istanbul to Cairo’ will be holding a 1’hour orientation session every day (Monday-Thursday/ Saturday & Sunday,530-630pm) at the ‘Muslim Outreach Office-within Kingston Masjid, so all queries can be answered for those who want extra detail. And also payments can be received. We are planning also another orientation session at ‘Regents Park Masjid’ at 230pm Mon-Sunday (Please call/email for further details).

  5. Cheque/Cash payments are payable to ‘Muslim Outreach’ in their Kingston Masjid office, preferably by hand as cheques sent by post can be lost or delayed.
    Kingston Mosque & Islamic Centre, 55 East Road, Kingston Surrey KT2 6EJ

  6. All payments must be cleared before your Place is confirmed. Please follow the guidelines below strictly.

    Tours in June: payments to be cleared 7 days before commencement of tour.
    Tours in July: payments to be cleared 14 days before commencement of tour.
    Tours in August: payments to be cleared 21 days before commencement of tour.

    This is to process and clear Visa’s for Syria & Jordan, which we at ‘Islamic Tours’ cover. Also the flight and hotel availability factor in the peak summer period.

Valid Passport

Istanbul to Cairo tour applicants need a valid UK/ EU/ USA/ Canadian/ Australian/ New Zealand/ Saudi/ Gulf Countries/ Japanese passport to travel with us.
*Please note any Tour applicant with an Israeli/Iraqi/Iranian/Afghan stamp within their passport can not travel into ‘Syria, Jordan and Egypt’ with us due to the delicate political climate in these countries.

For more information please telephone:

Tel: 07788 50 50 83

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