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Egypt (Misr) has been a Nation for much longer than recorded history can testify. Mentioned within many Surah’s of the Holy Quran, its relationship with many of the Prophets & Messengers of Islam from Prophet Ibrahim (pbuh) through to our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is second only to Palestine (Al Quds).
The History Egypt witnessed at the time of Prophet Musa (pbuh) will be an eternal testament to mankind, the story of Prophet Yusuf (pbuh) is mentioned as ‘Ahsaan ul Qasas’ a most Excellent Narration. Allah (Most Exalted is He) destroyed the tyrant Pharaoh and his army within the Red Sea. Menes, the first pharaoh, united Upper and Lower Egypt in 3050 BC, creating a country whose legacy is unmatched in recorded history.
Elaborate tombs were designed, magnificent pyramids constructed, and pantheons of idols were worshipped by the Mushrikeen (polytheists) in huge temples.

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Hieroglyphs were etched in stone, detailing everything from the lives of the Pharaoh’s to the lives of the lowest slaves. The Nile was harnessed for irrigation & Egypt thrived in ancient times using the labour of slaves.

The Hebrew Nation were taken captive by Pharaonic raids into Palestine were freed from centuries of slavery & servitude by the Mercy of Allah.

As the pre-eminent Super-power of its time, it extended its Empire into modern day Syria, Palestine, Jordan & Libya. Eventually its power waned, conquered by Alexander the Great in 332 BC which led to three centuries of Greek-Ptolemaic rule, followed by a brief but significant period of Roman rule. At the commencement of the Muslim conquest of Egypt, Egypt was part of the Byzantine Empire with its capital in Constantinople. However, it had been occupied just a decade before by the Persian Empire under Khosrau II (616 to 629 AD).

The first Muslim presence was led by Amr ibn al-As, who was sent by Caliph Umar ibn Khattab to spread Islam in the land of the ancient pharaohs. The Muslims crossed into Egypt from Palestine in December 639 and advanced rapidly into the Nile Delta. The imperial garrisons retreated into the walled towns, where they successfully held out for more than a year. But the Muslims sent for reinforcements and the Blessed army, joined by another 5,000 men in 640, defeated a Byzantine army at the Battle of Heliopolis (a district of Cairo). Amr next proceeded in the direction of Alexandria, which was surrendered to him by a treaty signed on November 8, 641.

Others who left their mark include the Ottoman Turks, the French and the British. Egypt won nominal independence from Britain in 1922. The subsequent monarchy came to an end in 1953 with the overthrow of King Farouk. The following year, Gamel Abdel Nasser came to power and ruled with tremendous popular support for 14 years. He was succeeded by Anwar Sadat, who, through both war & diplomacy, established peace with the illegal State of Israel. His efforts came with a high price: Sadat was assassinated in 1981. The current president, Hosni Mubarak, has been in power ever since.

Islamic Tours will take the route from Dahab in the Red Sea to St.Catherine’s Monastery and Jebel Musa in the Sinai desert where Prophet Musa (pbuh) received the Torah. Then we will proceed to Cairo, to see the grand Masjids of ibn Talun, Mohammad Ali, the Citadel of Salahuddin, and of course Al-Azhaar university and Masjid.


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