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At Islamic Tours, we have over 10 years experience in providing tailored educational tours for the Muslim community. Our Historical Tour programmes will give you a substantial insight into how Islamic Civilisation developed, we have a range of exceptional tours from the Imperial mosques of Istanbul to the snow capped peaks of the Atlas mountains in Morocco. We keep it simple & affordable with your budget in mind, we don’t promise the Earth & charge you extortionate prices.

Just the company of sincere Muslims who have the same outlook as you and want to travel in a safe environment without compromising their faith. We have partnership agreements with ‘National Tourist Board’ agencies across the middle-east so your tour/holiday runs smoothly without any problems. Unlike 90% of tour companies all our Tour’s are ’All-inclusive’- Return & connecting Flights/ Hotel Accommodation/ Transfers & most importantly fully escorted from London, with a Fluent English speaking guide from start to finish. Your comfort & enjoyment are foremost in our mind when we devise these tours.

Essentially We are about you.. Your passion for Islam and your interest in increasing your knowledge through travelling. Follow the historic imprint & path left by all the Prophets & the Sahaba within these blessed lands. Venture into areas left untouched by conventional tour companies, the lands of ‘Urfa’ & ‘Harran’ in south-east Turkey, both cities close to the Syrian border and Alhamdulilah off the mass-tourist routes. Our beloved Prophet Ibrahim (pbuh) was born in Urfa (Edessa-Roman / Ur of Chaldeans) and within these lands pondered the existence of the Universe & the oneness of our Creator. It was there he first opposed the idolater's and confronted Nimrud. He spent time in Harran with his nephew Prophet Lot (pbuh), before he was commanded by Allah (Most Exalted) to migrate south to the lands of Palestine, Egypt and Makkah.. and also the birth place of a certain Scholar called Taqi ad-Din Ahmad ibn Taymiyyah (Rahim Ullah).

Man praying in the desert

Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) stated “Seek knowledge even in the furthest lands of China". The early generations of Muslims, due to their strength of desire for sacred knowledge, would journey to distant lands seeking a single prophetic hadith.. Like Imam Bukhari (Rahim'ullah).

A striking example of a journey for wisdom can be found in the Holy Quran (Surah’ Al-Kahf), Prophet Musa’s (pbuh) journey with his young companion. If there ever existed a person who had no need to travel to seek knowledge, it was Prophet Musa (pbuh). Allah (Most Exalted) had spoken to him & revealed the Torah in which all divine principles had been revealed.. So when Allah informed him of a man (named Khidr) who had been favoured with Great knowledge, Musa (pbuh) inquired about meeting him, and then set out to find him. His journey are for you to read in the Holy Quran..

Our Quest at ‘Islamic Tours’ is to give you a window into the past. To trace the routes around the Middle-East that Prophet’s Ibrahim, Musa & Muhammad took. From the Plains of ‘Harran’ (Turkey) where Ibrahim (pbuh) was commanded by Allah to travel south to Palestine & then to Makkah, to Damascus where Our Prophet visited with trade caravan’s..

We will take you many town’s & cities of Al-Sham (Syria/Lebanon/Jordan & Palestine) where many prominent Sahaba spread Islam & settled, like the Muslim General Khalid ibn Walid (The sword of Allah). He earned ‘epoch defining victories by the Grace of Allah at the battles of ‘Ajnadayn’ & ‘Yarmouk’, he retired unceremoniously and died in Homs (Emessa). The Sahaba’s Firm belief in ‘Tawheed’ (The Oneness of Allah) and their application of the Sunnah elevated them to the peak of Greatness & Honour unsurpassed by any Nation before or after them..

We explore towns off the beaten tourist track, like Bosra–Syria ( Roman & Nabatean Capital) where in his youth our beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) traveled with his Uncle’s trade caravan on the way to Damascus and met a Nestorian Christian Monk called ‘Bahira’, who saw early signs of Prophethood within him & predicted his great mission in life..

Emad ibn’ Abdur Rahman


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